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Selling Guide

Guide to Successfully Selling Your Property!



Our recommendations for successfully selling your property are based on a proven track record of success and positive responses from our many clients. It is important to understand that the real estate market is cyclical and in many cases tailored to specific price ranges and geographic areas.  We work with each client to help them understand their specific market, determine their goals and timeline, create an outline for preparing their property for sale, and then marketing and managing their listing to ensure the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Understanding Your Property’s Value

Sellers are exposed to many advertisements claiming to provide them with a market analysis or explanation of their home value. Did you know that to provide an accurate value of one’s home and property can easily take four to six hours? It’s possible to get a general idea just from looking at past sales in the area; however, to be accurate requires much more time and research reviewing a variety of data sources and past listing information, considering market trends and timing, and talking with other agents to get a comprehensive overview as it relates to your specific property. Accurately pricing your home is critical to the final outcome and directly tied to your goals and timeline. Homes that are overpriced take longer to sell and most often sell for a much lower price. Our goal is to provide you with a best and worst case scenario so you can confidently plan your next move. Correctly pricing your property is perhaps the most important step in meeting your selling goal.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Short of the price and location, the only thing that you can change about your property is its appearance. First impressions are absolutely critical to your success.  This said, not every buyer will like the decorating and upgrade choices you’ve made and in some cases may prefer to remodel themselves.  Before you spend too much time and money, contact us to help you identify and prioritize the repairs and improvements that are likely to yield the best return on your investment.  As part of our comprehensive listing service package we provide basic staging services.

Marketing and Managing Your Property Sale

It’s the marketing and managing of your property that truly sets Tucker Group Real Estate apart from the rest.  We understand that you have to spend money to make money!  Yes, we actually reinvest our earnings into our business to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service.  Most agents, whether they are with a huge company or independent work alone! They don’t pay others to help them; thus, even though there is a plethora of resources at their disposal, many never take advantage! We realize that one person just cannot effectively handle the literally hundreds of details per transaction, multitudes of texts, calls and emails and the many aspects of accurately listing, advertising, following up, screening and qualifying prospects, coordinating inspectors, lenders, title and others; and following the rules, regulations, ethics, and laws of the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

We have a trained and qualified staff including a Marketing Coordinator and a Licensed Transaction Coordinator. In addition to our own agents, we refer business to select professionals, when necessary, to ensure we do not become so overloaded that your needs are not being met.

Our Home Marketing System is comprehensive and targeted. We provide professional photo and video services with the maximum allowable photos, extensive internet exposure, email, and social media campaigns along with direct mail and print options that feature our listings in all the places where buyers are looking. Perhaps even more important than advertising your property is the fact that we manage our clients’ listings.  Time is spent ensuring your property information is correct in the places it is advertised, your brochure box is full, buyer leads are contacted, and agents showing the property are educated and equipped with the information they need to actually sell your property. We cannot express enough the importance of making sure you know what services you’re going to receive as part of your listing. Selling your property is a huge deal and you deserve the best system and most qualified professional to handle your sale.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

There are many ways to successfully negotiate a real estate transaction. Our philosophy is that the goal in any transaction should result in mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties.  This win-win concept doesn’t necessarily mean that all players get everything they want or expect; rather the intent is that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.  Note that there are numerous participants and often many demands in most real estate transactions, and it is important to keep emotions at bay and focus on your priorities and your end goal. As your negotiator, my role is to help you get the best possible price and terms by helping you work through unanticipated problems, buyer requests, contingencies and concessions.

Keeping You Informed

From marketing effectiveness to buyer and agent feedback, while your home is on the market, we will do our best to provide regular status reports that show the sources of potential buyers, a summary of feedback from your showings, a review of completed and planned marketing activities and any suggested changes to your listing strategy.  We also keep a close watch on the neighborhood market activity. Once under contract, we provide professional transaction management to make sure the buyers, their agents, lenders, title and others involved in the sale follow through with their contractual obligations.